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"To: Albany Dental Care Staff

Thank you for restoring my faith in the health care system. You are ALL great at what you do. I will be telling all my friends and co-workers about your smooth operation. Thanks Again."

"Dr. Winter, Shante and Staff,

I wanted to thank you for your kindness and the wonderful compassionate care you provide. Because of you I had my very first anxiety and pain free dental experience. I will recommend you at every opportunity and tell everyone what an excellent dentist with a really great staff I have found. Thanks Again."

"Thank you all for your kindness and sensitivity - it made a difficult day much easier. I may not have been crying in the parking lot but my heart was racing and my stomach was in knots! All of that dissipated after encountering your warm smiles and gentle manners. I look forward to my upcoming dental "experience" and I never thought I would say that.

Have a great summer and if I don't see you in June then I will see you in mid August.

Many thanks and best regards."

"The staff and Dr. put me at ease from day one. I was taken care of very well the day of my appointment. I am on my way to being able to smile again and I am looking forward to it. It will be an extreme make-over and I couldn't have picked a better Dr. and staff. I have passed his on to friends. Wish I knew him years ago!"

"Dr. Harvey Winter and Staff,

From the friendly and comfortable atmosphere to the extraordinary results - your performance was exceptional! I cannot thank you enough for the experience I had during my visit, it was pleasant and painless!

The idea of being relaxed while getting dental work was once unimaginable, but YOU have made it a reality! Thank you!"

"Dear Dr. Winter,

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the caring and professional manner in which you, and your wonderful staff, helped me with my quite profound dental problems.

One of the hardest things a dentophobe like myself has to face is entering an office for the first time. You and the girls in the office were superb from the first phone call, through surgery and aftercare. I am incredibly happy with the result, as are my wife, family and friends.

I wish I had found your practice years ago, you have changed my life."

"Dr. Winter,

I just want to thank you and your staff for making my root canal appointment so stress free. I hate going to the dentist and put off getting some dental work done until I read about your sedation procedure. The sedation procedure worked very well for me; I don't remember the procedure at all and experienced minimal pain after the procedure. I was also able to get the root canal and two cavities filled at the same time.

All of your staff was very helpful and friendly which I appreciate. Thanks again. I will see you in March for my checkup and cleaning. I would definitely recommend your practice to anyone who is stressed about going to the dentist."

"Dr. Winter and Staff,

Thank you for the EXCELLENT dental care. My fear of dentists is no longer, my experience was everything you said it would be. I am actually looking forward to my next appointment. I can't thank you enough. ENJOY!"

"Greeting friends and family!

Many of you know that I was (the key word being was) petrified of the dentist, to the point of making myself sick. I opted to suffer with broken teeth, exposed nerves, basically constant pain for years rather than try and overcome my fear. That has all changed, and I now have a brand new smile! I no longer look like a jack o'lantern when I smile. I no longer put my hand over my mouth when I talk or smile. And, that is all because of the dentist I now go to, Dr. Harvey Winter of Albany Dental Care, PC.

Dr. Winter and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They are patient, they explain things so you can understand what is happening, and they are so kind. I must admit that even after I made my appointment for a consultation, once I was in the parking lot, I was tempted to just drive home and not follow thru with my decision. I am so glad I did not do that, I am so glad I took that first step.

Dr. Winter, the technicians and nurses, and the entire staff are so nice. They listened to my fears, and they reassured me that if anyone could help me, it is Dr. Winter. And, they are so right. Dr. Winter never made me feel bad or stupid for letting my teeth get so bad (and they were really, really bad). What counts is getting them done now, and keeping up on good dental health. Dr. Winter has a great sense of humor, and truly pays attention to your needs and makes sure that you are satisfied with the work he has done. He offers sedation dentistry, which was a big help for me initially. He guided me thru the oral surgery I needed by referring me to an oral surgeon he recommended (who was also wonderful). Each step was explained to me in detail. Any questions were answered.

Once I got my partials, I encountered the normal sores. I called the office, and Dr. Winter graciously saw me the very same day. It is totally normal to experience this, and he will, I am sure, need to make more adjustments. I know that very, very soon everything will be cleared up, and I will not have any pain or discomfort. But in the mean time, even with the slight discomfort, I am proud and happy to smile!

If you or someone you know is looking for a dentist, I would highly recommend Dr. Winter."

"Dear Dr. Winter and all,

Thanks to your kind and gentle ways, you helped me get past decades of dental-phobia.

Your conscious sedation system worked perfectly... as far as I know... I don't really remember much about it. Even afterwards, I never felt a thing. You removed a molar, drilled and filled two teeth and (I'm told) scraped a good deal of tartar from under my gums. Later, when the sedation drugs had worn off, I had no pain whatsoever.


I send my thanks to the whole team. Every single person I met in your office was supportive and understanding, never once treating me like the scaredy-cat that I am.

Well, I guess I have a dentist now. I'd write much more praise, but I'm busy telling friends about you all and your fine work.

Thanks again."

"Dear Dr. Winter,

I am writing this letter to say thanks to you and your wonderful team of caring professionals for the most positive dental experience I had had in my life.

My parents raised me to be a skeptic, and through my life, that philosophy has served me well. I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, especially when things seemed too good to be true. When I first heard your radio advertisement for conscious sedation dentistry, I kept reminding myself that there must be some down side to all the promises the "hype". After all the painful, unpleasant experiences I had with dentists in the past, how could something that promised such ease and comfort actually work? If even to prove your advertising was wrong, I had to find out for myself.

As I stand here today, I happily admit that the skeptic in me has been handed a severe setback. Not only was my experience exactly as you promised, it exceeded even my most optimistic expectations. I barely remember the time I was with you and your team, and the end result is an outstanding smile that I no longer have to hide with snarled lips or a discreetly-placed hand. I had ZERO pain or discomfort, including the hours and days after the procedure. In the past, I would have had an aching jaw, or some residual pain from the site of the work. Not in this case, not even for a moment. The combination of the medication and your artful skill has left me with nothing to show except a smile I can be proud of from ear to ear.

After experiencing your sedation dentistry, I don't know why anyone would opt for anything else. Without exaggeration, it was the most comfortable, pain-free and positive experience I ever could have hoped for. Thank you for allowing me to regain my smile, my confidence, and my dental health. I guess I will have to find another source to resurrect my skepticism.

If you encounter prospective patients who have reservations - skeptics, like I was - I will make myself available to discuss my experience with them at their convenience. I feel that strongly about the service you offer and the amazing results I have experienced. Please call on me to help others experience what I have enjoyed for their own sake."

"Dear Dr. Winter,

I am writing to give thanks and praise to a job that could not have been done any better. You and your staff are all top-notch.

Your office was able to diminish all my anxieties about dentistry that the last seventeen years worth of dentists have installed in me. I had gotten to the point where even places that smelled like a dentists' office arose fear in me. This fear allowed my teeth to decay to the extent that I was always conscious of them. I could not laugh freely. I could not smile without lips pressed firmly against each other. My speech had degraded to a mumble out of fear of exposing my neglected teeth to the world.

You and your staff freed me from my oral prison of shame!!

Your office did not even smell like a dentist's office! From that first impression on my nose, to the day following my procedure, you and your staff have convinced me that most of the dentists in circulation have a long way to go in the areas of patient comfort and service. Not one member of your staff made me feel uncomfortable in any way about the state I had allowed my teeth to fall into. Conversely, they all focused on the positive which was the fact that I was in the chair, being x-rayed, and considering solutions. As for your staff, make sure you take good care of the team you have put together. There is not one weak-link in your chain.

Now, the hardest thing I have to do is learn how to smile naturally again, without fear. Learn how to enjoy the teeth I thought I would never get to keep or be comfortable with. This is actually harder than it sounds after hiding them for so long.

In only ONE day, you and your staff have changed my life forever. As long as your doors are open, I will fear the dentist no more! I will recommend you to EVERYONE I come in contact with that has teeth. Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial to the outstanding work that you and your staff do there every day. Thank you all so very, very much."

"For anyone who does not suffer severe dental anxiety, my experience may not have an impact. However, for the many who do, the following testimony will be "life-altering".

I want to share my enthusiasm about one of the most rewarding things I've ever done for myself. I made the decision after many years to face my fears and go to a dentist. It's funny how once you've made a decision; the right people and places are "presented to you". This is exactly what happened to me.

One Saturday morning in April I heard a radio commercial that dealt with anxiety-free dentistry. This was something that I was not aware of, but it sounded very convincing. It took little time for me to consider it, and took less time to decide that this was one phone call I needed to make. And so began an amazing journey.

From the moment I called Dr. Winter's office and spoke with Mary Ann, I knew I was on the right path. Mary Ann was friendly, helpful and most of all compassionate. She encouraged me to make an appointment to meet with Dr. Winter and have x-rays, but most important she told me "not to worry".

The day of my first appointment I was apprehensive and very nervous. I met several of Dr. Winter's team and I was impressed by their concern, empathy and consideration. Still, whatever had impressed me at that point, all dwarfed in comparison to what characteristics I found in Dr. Winter. Upon meeting him, I was immediately calmed, and after spending some time with him, he earned my trust and confidence.

All that being said, I still had the appointment for my necessary dental work looming ahead of me and I was still apprehensive. A week before my appointment, I met with Dr. Winter and his staff to review the procedure and to receive the necessary medications - one pill to be taken at bedtime and one pill an hour before my appointment.

A telephone call from Dr. Winter the evening prior to my sedation dentistry was key in reassuring me that I would be well cared. for. It was then easy to relax and get a good night's sleep. The rest is history...

In just one appointment, I received all the dental work that was immediately required; because of the medications I was totally relaxed and unaware of most of what was being done. What I do remember, however, is the wonderful care and concern that was given to me by everyone.

To sum up, my experience with sedative dentistry worked just like Dr. Winter told me it would; it was easy; painless; and an amazing amount of work was done at one appointment with a very short recovery time.

My experience far exceeded my expectations and you can be sure that I am smiling as I write this. I am so happy, so relieved - and so proud of my improved appearance - and I am so appreciative of Dr. Winter, his team and sedation dentistry."

"Dear Dr. Winter and Staff,

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be writing a note like this. My visit to your office on June 9 was an incredible experience; I am euphoric! It was even more than Mary Ann explained when I made that first phone call back in April. I'm writing to say thank you for relieving my fears and to tell you I am so looking forward to "finally" feeling better about my teeth and about my appearance.

See you in August (or before if you can fit me in!)"

"Dear Dr. Winter,

I recently had my second appointment with you and I feel a need to say something to you about it.

During my lifetime I have made quite a few visits to a dentist. In all of those visits I have never had such as pleasant experience as I did in your office.

From the time I entered the office I was made to feel at ease and everyone was ready and willing to help. During my entire visits I was treated so very well and couldn't help but notice how the entire staff got along together so well and what a happy place it was.

I believe that credit is due to yourself and to the entire staff when a patient can come to the dentist and leave felling that it was a happy experience. To be able to have a patient looking forward to return visits I believe is pretty unusual.

I thank each and every one of you for making it such a pleasant experience."

"Dear Dr. Winter and Ladies,

I wish each of you knew how grateful I am to have found you and to have the chance to experience total dental care with absolutely no fear.

Back in the fall when I saw your advertisement for painless dental work I was experiencing an infected tooth. With nowhere to turn, I took a chance and called the office. It was a Friday and the office was closed. But my call was returned in very short time by Dr. Winter himself. Without knowing me, you did not hesitate to help me out. I remember walking into the office a couple days later and being so impressed by the calmness and professional, yet extremely friendly way that each of you ladies reacted to me. Of course, I was filled with fear. Just talking with each of you gave me reassurance that there was no need to be afraid. When I first met Dr. Winter I was nervous and a bit afraid. But your gentle, friendly manner and reassurance that I would be alright and not feel pain calmed me right down.

I have never once felt any pain during any of the work that has been done. At the same time, I never felt the fear that I had prior to my coming to you. Each one of you have made feel so comfortable and safe, so to speak, that I now look forward to coming in for dental care.

Dr. Winter, you and the ladies are a Godsend and I will be forever thankful for all you have done for me.

Thanks to each of you."

"Looking forward to next procedure with so much less anticipation.

Blessings to you and your wonderful staff... Keep smiling."