Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

When considering dental implants, it’s important that you select a knowledgeable, experienced dentist, as well as one with whom you feel comfortable. Dr. Winter and the professional team at ALBANY DENTAL CARE, PC in Albany have the experience to help you feel confident and the “chair-side manner” that will help you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Implant treatment consists of two components: a surgical phase and a restorative phase. Traditionally, an oral surgeon or a periodontist performed the surgical component, while a general dentist or prosthodontist performed the restorative component. As implant dentistry has become more sophisticated, a dentist like Dr. Winter, who specializes in restorative dentistry, can handle the entire process. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the same qualified dentist for both phases?

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Are you a candidate for dental implants?

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You could be a great candidate for a tooth implant if you have a healthy strong jawbone and healthy gums. During the procedure, the dentist inserts the implant into the upper or lower jawbone. The abutment is attached to the implant with a screw. This part connects the implant to the crown. During restoration the part that looks like a tooth is screwed or cemented onto the abutment. The artificial tooth or crown leaves your smile looking 100% natural.

We're not kidding when we say that dental implants are the most natural-looking way to replace missing teeth. The jawbone actually forms a chemical and mechanical bond with the implant and grows right into the implanted device! However, only patients with healthy oral tissues and mostly in-tact jawbones are eligible for dental implants. If you aren't a candidate for dental implants, Dr. Winter will tell you how else he can transform your smile!

Affordable Dental Care Option

If you’ve one of those in the Albany area who has never had a dental implant before, you may wonder about the technology behind this new technique. The fact is that dental implant technology has been around for decades; some of our patients at ALBANY DENTAL CARE, PC have had dental implants for more than 40 years. Hundreds of thousands of dental implants have been inserted, including many in the Albany area, with success rates of better than 90 percent.

At ALBANY DENTAL CARE, PC we know that many of our patients are concerned about the cost of dental implants. Our friendly staff will be pleased to explain a wide range of affordable financial options to fit your budget.

Want to learn more about the benefits of implant dentistry? Call us today at (518) 482-0881 or complete our simple online form to schedule a consultation. We're dedicated to providing you with affordable, top-quality dental care.

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